Frank's Story

Cattle in the open fields of Wyoming


Frank’s Butcher Shop started when Billy Brenton was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a ranch. He quickly learned Wyoming beef was not readily available to everyone at an affordable price. That’s when Billy’s vision of Frank’s Butcher Shop came to life, to bring Wyoming raised beef, cut straight from your personal butcher, fresh to your table. Named after Everett “Frank” Brenton, Billy’s dad, a hardworking man who loved a good steak and all Wyoming had to offer.

Frank's grows and finishes their cattle at their ranch in Central Wyoming. They also source out the best quality beef from around the state. This ensures the cattle are at the desired weights and optimum age to increase their marbling and flavor. Frank’s Butcher Shop in Hudson, Wyoming processes all their own cattle where they dry age  beef for a minimum of 14 days. This creates tenderness and amazing flavor in all beef cuts. Frank’s butchers take great pride in how they cut their beef to ensure the very best quality from their table to yours.